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My Alternative Hats

Unique Fascinators and Fanciful Hats For Your Special Occasion

By Michelle

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For The Special
In You



A Little About Me 

When did we lose the art of looking fantastic? 

Isn't it time you were the uniquely fashionable one at your next event?  


My mother said that she never wanted to see herself coming towards her. 

With that in mind I set out to create wonderful, special, unique fascinators and fancy hats for women who just aren't afraid of being forward. 


My Art Pieces are made with found, reclaimed or repurposed items, blended into a theme - a holiday, a feeling, a festival, a party -

and always designed to make you look impressive.


And you will never see your fascinator coming towards you!

Bring out the Special in You

With My Alternative Hats!!

Wearable Art Collection

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